Tipo Engine Oil Additive

Tipo Engine Oil Additive is the next generation in engine treatment, providing unsurpassed anti-friction/anti-wear protection under normal to severe operating conditions, under heavy loads, at high speeds, and at elevated temperatures. This is the only oil additive, when used as directed, that will double engine life with better gas mileage and increased horsepower.

Tipo Engine Oil Additive acts like a magnet, adhering to engine parts when the engine is turned off, and is there, ready to protect, when the engine is turned on again.

Tipo Engine Oil Additive, one of today’s most technologically advanced lubricants, contains a scientifically engineered formula which coats all metal surfaces with a durable micro layer that dramatically reduces wear and friction, considerably extending the life of the engine. By treating the metal, and not the oil, it prevents rust, corrosion and moisture.

Tipo Engine Oil Additive is compatible with all types of oil — synthetic, semi-synthetic blends, and all petroleum based products.

Why use Tipo Engine Oil Additive? If the automobile you use did not suffer the harmful abuse of the environment, friction, and the worst quality fuels since 1973, there would be no need today for after-market products. Unfortunately, today’s automobile needs help with its higher loads and performance requirements. Today the consumer needs a hedge against the skyrocketing cost of repairs and expensive downtime.


Tipo Engine Oil Additive has the following outstanding properties over the competition:

  1. A multi-component lubricant system
  2. Outstanding shear stability
  3. Unsurpassed anti-friction/anti-wear properties
  4. Non-corrosive
  5. No ash forming constituents
  6. Will not form abrasive deposits
  7. Containing non-toxic heavy metals
  8. It is environmentally safe
  9. Has a very low toxicity level
  10. Outstanding low temperature
If it is good enough for racing, it must be heaven for everyday use!

For average cars it is a dream come true!

Tipo Racing Oil

Tipo Racing Oil contains a scientifically engineered formula that coats all metal surfaces with a durable micro-layer that dramatically reduces wear and friction and provides full protection during cold start ups.

Tipo Racing Oil considerably increases your engine life span. It also helps the engine run smoother, cooler and quieter by reducing pollutants—meeting all racing and non-racing requirements.

Tipo Oil can be used for racing purposes or any modified engine application and is also available in SL-type racing oil. We carry all weights and grades plus gear oil.

Why Is TIPO OIL Better?

  • Tipo Oil is designed, not refined.
  • Tipo saves you money
  • Tipo saves you time
  • Tipo is better for the environment
  • Tipo makes your engine run more efficiently.


Tipo Oil is made from a patented formula and process and no other oil, even so-called “synthetics”, can beat it in real-word performance. Our lubricants last an average of eleven times longer than petroleum.

Tipo Oil lubricants are chemically designed to be the best—from the ground up. Only the purest, highest quality chemical components meet the high standards of Tipo Oil. Petroleum based oils, on the other hand, start with a dirty organic goo that requires extensive filtering and refining in order to obtain a base stock that is clean enough for lubrication. This is neither a precise nor totally efficient process, yielding base stocks of widely varying quality. Even other oils calling themselves “synthetic” are actually made from petroleum!

Since our lubricants outlast petroleum-based products, a cooler and more efficient running engine means less exhaust pollutants—not to mention less discarded plastic—and Tipo Oil is increasing its bio-degradability. We are striving to be a “green” earth-friendly company.


Tipo Gas Additive

Tipo Gas Additive is specially formulated to solve all fuel-related problems in gasoline engines. It is a multi-functional fuel additive. Re-formulations and continuous upgrades have occurred over the years, and today it is the most effective gasoline supplement on the market.

Since 1973, the quality of gasoline has become progressively worse. This has resulted in more carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and on fuel injectors, with a corresponding drop in octane. This affects the anti-knock quality of the fuel causing knocking, pinging, poor performance and high emissions.

How does this product work? Adding Tipo Gas Additive eliminates problems with clogged injectors and stalling, plus it reduces the time an automobile spends in the repair shop. Using Tipo Gas Additive will save money in fuel and maintenance costs and will dramatically improve and reduce emissions testing. Your auto will sail through the mandatory tests without a problem

There are many benefits to using Tipo Gas Additive, which contains highly concentrated dissolving agents with powerful oxidizers which:

Extend spark plug life
Help seat piston rings
Improve compression
Reduces blow by
Stops detonation
Clean fuel injectors and carburetors
Eliminate sticky valves and piston rings
Lower cylinder head temperature
Remove carbon, varnish and gum deposits


Tipo Radiator Additive

Tipo Radiator Lime Scale & Corrosion Cleaner is not just another cleaner/cooling system flush. When added to the radiator, it remains in the cooling system fluids and dissolves any existing build-up of scale while working to continuously eliminate any new deposits through its unique chemical bonding process. Add a bottle of Tipo radiator additive and your scale problem will be solved.

Using Tipo in automotive radiators:

  • Eliminates deposits in the radiator for 100% cooling efficiency and keeps new deposits from forming
  • Eliminates deposits in the heater core for comfortable interior heating.
  • Eliminates deposits in hoses and oil coolers protecting them from cracking and failure.
  • Eliminates deposits in the engine block. Engine deposits cause higher internal temperatures, causing premature oil breakdown and increased wear to engine parts. Overheated motor oil reduces the expected life of the engine.
  • Stops liner pitting in diesel engines.
  • Increases the engine’s efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Compatible with all types of antifreeze. No more “green goo”.

Maintaining the cooling system of a modular or diesel internal combustion engine, continuously free of deposits, will pay back dividends several hundred times the cost of a bottle of Tipo Radiator Lime Scale & Corrosion Cleaner.

Dosage:  Add one bottle of Tipo to each four gallons of coolant mixture.


Tipo Spray Penetrant

Tipo Spray Penetrant is one of today’s most technologically advanced lubricants. It effectively retards rust, penetrating a hundred times better than WD~40®. It frees sticky mechanisms, stops squeals, reduces metal-to-metal friction and wear, displaces moisture, and retards electrical erosion.

General application:

Electrical (water repellent)
Agricultural equipment
Locking mechanisms
Belt dressing
Rubber hoses and molding
General equipment

And much much more!

Tipo Synthetic Grease

 Tipo Synthetic Grease is a superior quality multi-purpose high temperature grease used for a wide range of industrial and transportation applications. It combines excellent high temperature performance with extreme pressure properties and features good water resistance and outstanding rust protection.

Tipo Synthetic Grease is fortified to increase its lubricating ability where the oil component has been vibrated or oscillated from the surface contact area. It has the thermal ability to withstand the harshest conditions and provide trouble free operation over extended periods of service.

Tipo Synthetic Grease is engineered to operate under extreme conditions of abrasive dust, dirt and moisture. It contains a scientifically engineered formula which coats all metal surfaces with a durable micro-layer that dramatically reduces wear and friction, considerably extending the life span of equipment and moving parts.

General applications:

Axles, CV joints
Wheel bearings
Marine shop

and much, much more!


MoS2 Molydag 204 500 Solvent Refined Paraffinic
Petroleum Oil
65% Paste 15.6 x x
MoS2 GP-461 Petroleum 50% Paste 9.4 x x
SLA1612 150 Solvent Refined Paraffinic
Petroleum Oil
20% Fluid 6.2 x x x x x x x x
SLA1614 150 Solvent Refined Paraffinic
Petroleum Oil
20% Fluid 8.2 x x x x x x x x
Boron Nillride
SLA1710 150 Solvent Refined Paraffinic
Petroleum Oil
10% Fluid 7.6 x x x x x x x x
Lubricating Pigment Product Carrier Solids Content Consistency Density
Engine Oil
Greases Fluid
Aerosols Pene-
& Way
Dag 197 Polyglycol
Synthetic Oil
10% Fluid 8.7 x
Dag LC-5 Water Soluble
10% Soft
6.9 x
Graphite GP-250 Polibulene 4% Thick
7.2 x
SLA 1263 6cSt Polyalphaolefin 25% Fluid 8.6 x x x x
Molydag 207 Polyglycol
Syntehtic Oil
10% Fluid 9.0 x x

Tipo Oil has created today’s most technologically advanced lubricants for all types of vehicles. Tipo Oil is being used in races because of its great aspects! Tipo products will last you longer then any other product.